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Thoses pages are brought to you by Tahiti Cruise and Vacation, a travel agency specialist in French Polynesia destination. Our office is situated on the Ferry wharf in Papeete. We invite you to visit our superb islands. People there are very nice and welcoming.
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Bora Bora's best offers !

Planning your holidays in one of the most beautiful island on earth can take time. That is why we built especially for you the best packages (meet and greet, flights, resorts, activities,...) to guide you for the organisation of your trip to French Polynesia. All types of resorts and hotels are available as well as cruises, activities and tours. You can also modify your package through our online engine trip builder or through our agents. Choose one of our Bora Bora vacation packages or build your trip yourself with the Bora Bora vacation website. Bora Bora island is only 8 hours flight from Los Angeles. Rental houses are also available on the island. Some of our package are all inclusive including food and beverage. Many different room are available, you would be able to stay in your private over-water bungalow. The village of Bora Bora is called Vaitape, a Tahtitian name. American or continental breakfast is available in classed hotels. The most popular white sand beach on the main island is called Matira beach, it is found on the far South of the main island. Our agent are also available through our free 800 number. Bora Bora is located in the middle of the South Pacific ocean. It lagoon is famous for its beautiful turquoise water. Our packages are featured by price. Guest house are also available, but they have only limited services which include breakfast. The country international airport is situated on Tahiti island in Faaa. Flight from Paris to Tahiti is 21 hours. The air is quite humid. The west American coast of the United States including New York is not too far from French Polynesia, we are talking about 14 hours flight. You can view where Bora Bora is situated within the world by clicking on the link. Many special offers are available from hotels and resorts like you pay 3 nights and the fourth is free of charge. Or if you stay all your nights in the same chain you get special discount. Bora Bora is well known to be the most romantic island of the world. The service in five-stars hotel's and resorts are very professional. The cost of the room can vary from very cheap to very expensive it give you an idea of the budget you need, more budget more luxury vacation. Guests are welcome by the population and the islanders. Bora Bora is surrounded by a continue coral reef. Guests are able to snorkel near the reef to see sea life. January is generally a rainy month for Bora Bora. The Four Season resort, which is quite a new construction has a lot of success within tourist. Chicago is 9204 km from Bora Bora and Lake City 9009 km. Air Tahiti code is VT. There is 2 ships doing service between the Bora Bora airport and Vaitape city. Faanui bay is where the cargo ship stop. Contact us any time for a free quote. Following Bora Bora island on the north is Tupai atoll, a small paradise on earth. Most rooms are designed for 2 adults and 2 children. Tourism is the main revenue of the islanders. Reading a book on the white beach near the lagoon is peace-full. Most of the rooms in resort and chain hotels have all the amenities. Suite and suites are available at a higher price, they can include pool and spa. Many the hotels and resorts are situated on "Motu". Motu are small white sand islands on the reef. Local people are very nice. Don't forget to check if you bring your sun protection. Our's packages features are that they are built by our agent experts. Our plans are to make your stay unforgettable, all the details are important for your perfect trip. Tourists are coming from many countries. Lots of citation airplane are coming from overseas countries. Top dive are also doing some great diving activities. Romantic dining is perfect for honeymooners or couple. Some nice yacht like the golden shadow are coming often. Coming to Bora Bora is going to be one of the greatest experience of your life.

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